Whilst gaining a provisional sum for the supply of windows and doors for your home can be useful for budgeting purposes it can in most instances be quite inaccurate.

It is highly recommended that whenever you use a formula for square meter on windows that you also factor a margin of 25% extra to be safer.

This extra allowance is because every job will have multiple individual requirements such as glass, colour, fixing, protection, installation, timing and delivery…

aluminium doors and windows

Guessing your budget can often be wrong and ultimately the best way to get an accurate estimate is getting an official quote. Getting a quote on windows can be a long and tedious process but now there is a solution!

At EZ Windows, we have developed a simple process online that’s accessible and available 24/7.

All you require is your aluminium windows sizes. If you are unsure how to get them simply follow the simple instructions on how to measure the window below 👇

How To Measure Aluminium Windows

You’ll need to know the sizes of the windows and then enter each custom height and width of each unit into the portal.

Then simply follow the prompts to customise to your requirements with your lead time, glass type, reveal, colour, protection, closer trims and installation requirements. Once complete, you can add to cart and that will tell you exactly what the cost is.

If you’re looking to install the windows yourself using the guide below will help 👇

EZ Windows Installation Guide

Should you require us to install your selected windows and doors? Be sure to select installation at the very end prior to adding to cart.

If you require any assistance, we are more than happy to help. We look forward to working with you. 

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