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Select Trims 1.6mm & 3mm Thickness (gauge)

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Simply select your trim sizes and thickness (gauge) from the options available…

20mm x 12mm,  6500mm Length (1.6mm thickness Angle)

20mm x 20mm,  6500mm Length (1.6mm thickness Angle)

32mm x 20mm,  6500mm Length (1.6mm thickness Angle)

40mm x 20mm,  6500mm Length (1.6mm thickness Angle)

All Aluminium Trims & Angles are 6500mm in length

All Aluminium Trims & Angles are powder coated on all surfaces internally and externally


External Angle
Internal Angle

Aluminium Trims and Angles

When measuring a window or door to be replaced into and existing opening it is a great practice to allow a small gap between the aluminium and the wall to guarantee a snug fit.

When to Use Aluminium Angles

In some instances the walls are out of square and the tightest fit still leaves big gaps around the window that are too large to caulk.

Aluminium angles and trims are an easy and convenient way to fill the gaps around a window. Aluminium angles can be powder coated the same colour as the window or door therefore blending into the product and if done right are barely visible.

How to Order Aluminium Angles and trims

Trims are also very economical and when ordered can come with your products ready for installation, Aluminium trims are by far the neatest finish.

1. Select your angle

For your convenience in the EZ Portal you can select your aluminium angle size.

2. Select your lead time

Standard or express, Please Note: trims may delay orders if they are a special colour.

3. Select Colour

Select your colour to match in best with your windows.

4. Select your surface

The exposed surface or the visible part of the angle that will be seen will be powder coated. 

5. Cut the trims to a more manageable size

Transporting a 6.5m length of aluminium may not be convenient if you do not have access to a large vehicle however at EZ Windows you can select if you require the trims cut to a more manageable size.

6. Confirm quantity

Confirm your quantity and we will add them to your order!

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