Commercial Sliding windows

Architectural, Bold & Smooth Operating...

Commercial Sliding Window
Commercial Sliding Window

Commercial Architectural Sliding Windows are made easy at EZ Windows!

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Commercial-grade sliding windows boasting bold frames and thick, strong sashes designed to carry large spans of heavy duty glass, including double glazing for unobstructed views even in high wind areas.

  • Integrated PVC seals provide water resistance tested to 300Pa & 650Pa (configuration may determine rating) and are fully compliant with air conditioning energy requirements.
  • Flyscreens can be fitted for complete protection from the elements, plus the clever fixed and opening sashes can be installed, replaced or reglazed from the inside for easy maintenance.
  • Available in a wide variety of configurations with and without highlights and/or lowlights, these windows can be fitted easily into brick veneer and cavity brick buildings.
  • Surface or mortice deadlocks can also be fitted for a smooth, flush surface finish.
Maximum Panel Height*1600mm
Maximum Panel Width*1350mm
Maximum Glass Thickness≤ 20mm
SHGC Range0.18 – 0.66
Uw Range3.3 – 6

Benefits Of Commercial Architectural Sliding Windows...


Incredibly large sliding panels.

Elegant, architectural style.

Clean, bold frames.

Heavy-duty rollers for smooth operation.

Fly screens tuck neatly into the frame – no more ugly rivets.

2mm inner radius for a soft appearance.

A clean junction between the frame and mullion.

Stylish mitred main frame.

Double sash design.

Fixed and sliding panels for a uniform appearance.

A range of great glass options, including double glazing.

The perfect complement to the MAGNUM™ Or Slidemaster Commercial sliding door.

Select your configuration viewed from outside

Commercial sliding windows can be manufactured in many configurations.

Simply select weather you want your window to slide from left or right hand side viewed from outside.

Make your selection by clicking on your correct configuration 

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