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Designer Series  | Series 618 (click to download)

EZ Windows Magnum Sliding Door

With its clean lines, strength and bold styling, the elegant EZ Windows Magnum stacking sliding door never fails to make a statement.

Its architectural elegant profile give all the appearance and strength of a commercial door without the thick industrial frames. Magnum sliding doors are able to span wider and reach higher than the standard domestic range and for this reason along with the beautiful aesthetics, make it the perfect choice for the discerning buyer in an upmarket home.

The Magnum sliding and Stacking door unit comes equipped with Wide heavy duty nylon rollers for smooth and easy operation and Fly screen doors can be fitted easily to the outside to keep all the bugs away. The doors can be single or double glazed with a huge variety of performance-glass options to maximize energy efficiency.

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Benefits Of Magnum Sliding Doors...


Get up to four panels in each direction, with the potential to span a massive 12-metres. Perfect for opening onto outdoor dining areas!

Frame a glorious view with panels up to three metres high.

A range of standard or high-performance sills.

Can be recessed into a slab for a beautiful, flush threshold.

Ideal for areas with high winds or heavy rain.

Can be configured as a 90o corner pull-away door, or with a cavity slide option so your doors disappear into your wall.

Accepts single or double glazing.

Heavy-duty rollers for smooth operation.

Select your configuration viewed from outside

Magnum sliding Doors can be manufactured in many configurations.

Simply select weather you want your window to slide from left or right hand side viewed from outside.

Make your selection by clicking on your correct configuration 

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