Fly Screens made to size 

Custom Fly screens can now be ordered easily online!

 All screens are made to size to suit the opening component of a window. They are a popular option for keeping out all the bugs out.

All fly screen frames are an aluminium profile 25mm x 11mm and are available in many colour options.

Standard meshing options available are  Fiber mesh, Aluminium mesh, Pet mesh or Stainless Steel mesh.

Fly screenFly screen

Simply enter the overall aluminium sizes you require into the portal and we will do the rest, it’s that easy…

The most popular mesh is Fibermesh . It’s more transparent and more cost effective than most fly meshes yet extremely strong and durable!

NOTE: if you are in a BAL Rated area (fire area) you will need to select metal (steel or aluminium) meshed screens…. if in doubt confirm with your council.