Comfort Edge Fixed Window

Comfort Edge Fixed Window

Comfort Edge Fixed Window

Comfort Edge Fixed Window
Residential Series | Series 755
KEY FEATURES • 47mm aluminium fixed window designed for optimal thermal performance.

• ComfortEDGE™ reveal delivers a minimalist design aesthetic and optimised vision plane through the window.

• Thermal performance is achieved by reducing the exposed internal boundary and the ability to transfer energy through the aluminium frame.

• Accepts 18-20mm IGUs for excellent thermal performance.

• 47mm frame provides excellent strength and weather performance achieving a water resistance rating of 600pa.

• The frame can be fabricated either square cut or miter for a more architectural appearance.

• Tested for compliance with Australian Standard AS2047

Insulation is a key element in your dream home.

Wall, floor and ceiling insulation is well known to insulate a home. However, window and door insulation is a lot less common in Australia but definitely worth considering.

Windows and doors can let in up to 87% of heat during summer and let out up to 40% of heat during winter. therefore Insulating your windows and doors is the biggest piece of the insulation puzzle. Correctly insulating your windows and doors ensures ultimate insulation on your building envelope.

Design integrity and reliability.

ComfortEDGE™ is a highly energy efficient, double glazed window and door system complemented by a minimalist style aesthetic.

By embedding the structural aluminium window into the surrounding timber frame, the thermal performance of the window is greatly improved while offering increased strength and improved durability.

Our ComfortEDGE™ windows and doors have undergone physical testing to ensure we can stand behind the thermal performance numbers for these
products. We know they are going to work the way we say they will because we’ve tested them.

Knowing the data and performance is consistent for ComfortEDGE™, gives you peace of mind that the home you build will perform the way it’s supposed to.

All testing is performed in National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) accredited laboratories.


With compliance requirements getting more and more stringent, ComfortEDGE™ is an excellent
window and door solution. Incorporating double glazing as standard,
ComfortEDGE™ is the way of the future with new builds demanding better insulation.
Combined with embedded technology, ComfortEDGE™ is stylish, affordable and easy to
Ideal for residential applications using standard
aluminium framing.

Weather your an expert, a novice renovator or somewhere in between we can confidently accommodate your needs.

We are accessible on the phone during normal business hours and we’ll be happy to assist you with your window purchase.

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