Commercial Architectural Awning windows

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Commercial Awning
Commercial Awning

Commercial Architectural Awning windows are made easy at EZ Windows!

Commercial Architectural Series  | Series 466 (click to download)

Commercial Awning Window

Superior elegance, performance and style are the hallmarks of the Elevate™ Architectural Awning windows.

  • Designed to carry large expanses of glass and 24mm thick double-glazing, these elegant, architectural awning windows can withstand the harshest of environments and keep you safe from the elements.
  • Awning sashes can be fitted with manual chain winders or concealed electric winders. (Price On Application)
  • Awning accept handy fly screens for year-round protection from creepy crawlies.
  • These frames are easily installed into brick veneer and cavity brick building designs. So convenient!
Maximum Panel Height*Various
Maximum Panel Width*Various
Maximum Glass Thickness≤ 24mm
SHGC Range0.14 – 0.57
Uw Range4.2 – 7

Befifits of Commercial Awning Windows...


Airtight to keep out the cold.

A great choice if you want to leave the windows open but stay protected from passing showers.

Bold frame that allows for extra wide sashes.

 A range of glass options, including double glazing.

Windows can be fixed if you prefer.

Select your configuration viewed from outside

Commercial Awning windows can be manufactured in many configurations.

Simply select weather you want your window to open on the left or right hand side viewed from outside.

Make your selection by clicking on your correct configuration 

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