Residential Aluminium Hinged Doors

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Double Hinged Door EZ Window

Residential Hinged doors can be a great affordable solution in your home.

 Practical and stylish, French doors are a gorgeous addition to your home. They’re also great for opening smaller rooms onto decks and outdoor living areas.

EZ Windows 548 High Performance hinged doors can be customized and configured to suit your individual requirements. Hinged doors provide large access and convenient easy operation.

The doors can be single or double glazed with a huge variety of performance-glass options to maximize energy efficiency with glass thicknesses up to 20mm.

Weather your an expert, a novice renovator or somewhere in between we can confidently accommodate your needs.

Our online ordering portal make it ease and convenient to customize the hinged door unit to your exact requirements.

Don’t forget if you need any more assistance just call us…  we are more than happy to assist.

Residential Hinged Door
Residential Series | Series 548 Click to Download)

Opening In or Out?


Hinged doors can be made to open Internally Or Externally.

Simply select weather you want your hinged door opening Into your home (Opening IN) or if you want your door opening outward outside you home (Opening OUT) 

Make your selection by clicking Opening IN or Opening Out

Opening In or Opening Out
548 Hinged Door

With or Without Threshlod (bottom sill)?

Hinged doors can be made with or without a bottom sill.

On the bottom of every Hinged door you can select to have a Sill. 

It is always recommended to have a sill as this seals the door very well against external wind and water however if you don’t want a bottom sill you can order the door without a sill for a clean and seamless transition from outside to inside.

If you wish to have a Threshold (Bottom Sill) then select WITH Sill

If you do not wish to have a Threshold (Bottom Sill) then select WITHOUT Sill

Below are the two different Threshold sills EXTERNAL (Opening OUT) and INTERNAL (Opening IN)

External Door Sill (With Threshold Opening OUT)
Internal Door Sill (With Threshold Opening IN)
Fly Door On Hinged Door
Hinged Door With Fly Door Frame & Fly Door
Fly Door On Hinged Door
Hinged Door With Fly Door Top Section

Hinged on the left or the right?

Hinged doors can be made hinged on the left or right hand side.

Simply select weather you want your door to be hinged on the left or right had side viewed from outside.

Make your selection by clicking Hinged LEFT hand side or Hinged RIGHT hand side 

Click Here To Enter Configurations

Hinged Left or Right hand Side

Upgrade Your Living Spaces with Double Hinged Doors

Hinged doors are pivotal elements in any home, offering functionality and style. At EZ Windows, we take pride in presenting our Double Hinged Door configuration, designed to elevate both aesthetics and practicality in your living spaces.

Key Features:

  • Dual Hinging: Opens both inward and outward, maximising accessibility and airflow.
  • Versatile Design: Suitable for various architectural styles, from modern to traditional.
  • Enhanced Security: Robust locking mechanisms ensure peace of mind.
  • Customisation Options: Tailor your door to match your unique preferences and requirements.

Whether you seek to enhance the charm of your home or streamline your daily routines, our Double Hinged Doors offer a seamless solution. Explore our range today and transform your living spaces with EZ Windows.