EZ Aluminium Shrouds

Architectural, Bold, Functional

EZ Aluminium Shrouds

Aluminium Shrouds Are Now Available online!


4 corner Shroud

With its clean lines, strength and bold styling, the elegant EZ Windows shrouds make an architectural & functional statement 

Its architectural bold profile give all the appearance and strength. Manufactured in 6.00mm Aluminium 5005 M/F for lasting longevity you can be confident in your investment will stand the test of time.

 EZ Aluminium Shrouds are able to span wider and reach deeper without warping or bending over time, for this reason along with the beautiful aesthetics, it is the perfect choice for the discerning buyer in an upmarket home.

EZ Aluminium Shrouds come equipped with a custom made flange made to your specification for face fixing around your window or door opening options to make installation easy and efficient.

We have the ability to offer custom join methods for sizes exceeding standard sheet size

All shrouds are available in a wide range of custom powder coat colours

With the correct specification the shroud can really maximize energy efficiency.

We are available to assist you with your order

Weather your an expert, a novice renovator or somewhere in between we can confidently accommodate your needs.

We are accessible on the phone during normal business hours and we’ll be happy to assist you with your shroud purchase.

Ps. Remember you also have EZbot ready and happy to assist with any questions any time so ordering at any time has never been easier!

Benefits Of EZ Aluminium Shrouds...

Produced from 6mm 5005 M/F Aluminium

Available in a range of custom sizes.

Custom join methods for sizes exceeding standard sheet sizes.

Available in a range of custom Colours.

Privacy shrouds are also available, simply email your architectural Specifications for pricing.

All Shrouds are custom designed and fabricated to your individual requirement.

Select your configuration viewed from outside

EZ Aluminium Shrouds Can Be Manufactured In Many Configurations.

Simply select your shroud type and customise it to your individual requirements

Make your selection by clicking on your correct configuration  (Click to Customise)

EZ Aluminium Shroud Details


4 sided shroud
EZ Shrouds 4 sided
3 sided shroud
EZ Shroud 3 Side
Shroud LHS 1
EZ Shrouds 2 Sided Left
shroud RHS
EZ Shroud 2 Side Right
4 corner Shroud
EZ Shroud Corner