Aluminium windows and doors are relatively easy to install.

With aluminium windows you can be assured that there is a solution for every construction known. There are different methods that cater for each individual construction. In most cases we would advise the use of a reveal.

A timber reveal is the timber lining that surrounds or encases the aluminium frame. Please note that this method normally adds 40mm onto the aluminium size of the window or door when applied. For example a window with an aluminium finished size of 1000mm will finish including timber reveal 1040mm and the recommended stud opening would then be 1050mm.

After installing the window the reveal lining is normally lined up flush with the internal plaster and the remaining gap can be covered with an architrave.

Sliding Window Installation

The reason this is the most popular is that it is the most economical, cleanest and easiest way to install windows and finish them off so they look great.

The reveal secures the window well to the stud and the external area can be caulked sealed to stop any water from penetrating the external membrane.

We have different size reveals for different constructions…

For example in a weatherboard construction with a pine stud we will recommend a 100mm reveal.

in a weatherboard construction with a hardwood stud we will recommend a 110mm reveal.

in a brick veneer construction we will recommend a 135mm reveal.

in a solid brick construction we will recommend a 160mm reveal.

Now the average cost for a window to be installed does vary depending on the fixing method and the accessibility. Generally speaking the laws of economies to scale do apply in that the more windows are installed at once the more economical it will get. For example 1 window in a home can cost as much as $1200 or more… if it is in a second story and scaffolding is required it could even double that depending on accessibility and size.

Generally speaking on a few windows (and doors) installed In a home it would be relatively safe to estimate 150a square meter. And 200 if it is second level installation.

If you have any experience building or have already installed other windows yourself we would be quite confident that you could attempt the install of the windows yourself and avoid any further financial impact.

Either way when the jobs done you can enjoy many years of service from your aluminium windows and doors.

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