This is a common question asked by many owners of aluminium sliding doors. There are various reasons why you would need to replace the sliding glass door.

In most cases replacing the glass sliding door is not possible unless the window company that originally made the door is still in business. If you’re in luck then you must also hope they still manufacture that particular model. If not then you really have two options

  1. Buy a new door
  2. Service/restore the existing door and sash back to proper functioning…

Yes If all fails there is still hope…!

The main reason being the overall wear and tear over many years of use impacting the joints, seals, and points of contact. A very popular reason we are asked this question is because the door has become very difficult to slide or even become inoperable altogether. Good thing we have a few tips on rectifying this situation.

glass sliding door

Whenever we are assessing a door in need of replacement, we look for these common wear and tear signs. After assessing the general condition overall, we check the highest impacted area of the sliding door. The Door sill.

The door sill is the bottom track of the door. This is the most physically abused part of the door as it is exposed, it is walked on, the weight of the door is transferred through the wheels on the door sash (the actual moving glass component) and all this weight is transferred onto the track.

Picture of new sliding door sill & track.

We assess the track thoroughly and look for any signs of wear on the actual track itself. In most cases when a door is over 10 years old in an accessible area, we find medium wear and tear and this can be experienced in most doors and is not too much of a concern.

However, in some cases, we find deep wear on the track and uneven wear across the surface of the track. This instantly will confirm our worst-case where unless a new Ptrack can be installed over the existing track the whole door will need to be removed and replaced (whole frame and sashes).

If there is medium wear on the track, then this may just be an issue with the door wheels. This is very common and very easy to replace as most door sections accommodate similar wheels.

The first step is to remove the existing door sash (moving glass component). This is normally achieved by lifting the panel and tilting it out of the existing frame.

After you have removed the panel you can flip it on its side and the wheels will be visible under the door.

You can then proceed to remove the wheel and carriage using a screwdriver.

NOTE: it’s important that you remove the wheel & carriage to be sure the replacement can be matched.

This is a very common request, and we do our best to find a wheel that suits the older deteriorated wheelset.

After this process is complete you will be able to enjoy a fully functioning sliding door that will function well and service your need for many years.

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