Energy efficient windows solutions for your home

Vantage windows and doors renowned for their ability to provide energy efficient solutions for your home.

All of our aluminium window and door systems are rated by the Window Energy Rating Scheme (WERS). WERS rates the energy impact of windows in housing anywhere in Australia. With up to 40% of a home’s energy for cooling or heating being lost or gained through windows, improving your aluminium windows’ and doors’ thermal performance and energy efficiency reduces your home’s energy costs and Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions. WERS enables windows and doors to be rated and labelled for their annual energy impact on a home, similar to the rating system used on whitegoods.

When windows and doors are rated under WERS they are ranked using a 10 star scale against 17 generic window types. The generic aluminium windows range from very high performance to very low performance for heating and cooling. A low star rating indicates poor performance whilst a high star rating indicates good performance. A 10 star rating indicates the perfect window system. In Australia, the highest performing windows typically fall between 6 and 7 stars for heating and 4 and 5 stars for cooling. ThermalHEART™ aluminium windows and doors fall within this range, as do many of our standard high performance aluminium window and door systems.

Our range of high performance aluminium windows and doors will improve the energy efficiency and comfort within a building. We are committed to the continual development of energy efficient window and door systems. Our entire product range of windows and doors are tested and rated to deliver the ultimate performance in weather sealing and energy efficiency in the Australian market.

To ensure energy efficient solutions to your window and door combination, attention must be given to the selection and placement of windows and doors within your home. By correctly placing the windows and doors in your home, you are able to maximise the use of passive design principles to achieve excellent thermal outcomes. Home orientation, insulation, shading, window selection and placement are important considerations in achieving the best possible efficiency and performance for your home.

What is a Uw Value

The insulation properties of a window are measured as a U-value. The U-value provides and indication of how much heat energy is transferred through a window. The lower the U-value, the better the window is at keeping the heat or cold out.  A high performance window or door with a low U-value would work to insulate your home against the heat and cold. In all applications a window or door with a low U-value is a good choice for your home. A Uw value relates to the “whole” window and is determined for every glass and frame combination.

What is Solar Heat Gain Co-efficient (SHGC) 

SHGC is a measure of how much solar radiation passes through a window. In cool climates you may desire a window with high solar heat gain to help passively heat your home. In warm climates you may desire a window with low solar heat gain to help keep your home cool. Appropriate glass selection will ensure the optimum performance of a windows SHGC based on climate zone. 

Vantage Windows - Solar Heat Gain Co-Efficient