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All Installation of windows & Doors are to be conducted in accordance with Australian Standard AS 2047.


The attached EZ Windows Window installation guide covers numerous construction styles and can be used as a guide for window installation.

Suggested installation steps:

  1. If flashing is required fit the flashing to sill (bottom of window.
  2. Fit shims on sill plate / slab on meeting stile or mullion centre line and at 450mm maximum centres. Ensure all shims are level.
  3. Install the window or door frame into the opening using the correct fixings and spacing.
  4. Fit shims on jambs making sure that the frame is plumb and square, measure frame across diagonals to check for square.
  5. Fix the frame to structure by nailing through timber reveals. Make sure that the frame is not twisted. Alternative – On solid brick construction fit galvanised M.S. building-in lugs at 450mm maximum centres.
  6. Ensure that head, sill and/or jamb are not dished or bowed during installation.
  7. Make sure the sill reveal is fully supported, if necessary use additional shims. Failure to do so may result in problems with sash operation.
  8. Cement mortar or render droppings can permanently damage aluminium finish. Remove them immediately.
  9. It is recommended to eave at least 10mm gap between sill brick and frame to allow for possible future building settlement.
  10. In a brick veneer construction it is recommended that there should be at least a 12mm gap between timber header and aluminium frame.
  11. Aluminium windows are not designed to support eave linings.

    Proper installation of windows & doors will ensure full and proper usage for years to come and therefore guarantee your long-term investment. For information please download the EZ Windows Aluminium Window Installation guide. If you have more questions specific to your unique construction please contact us for more technical information.

    Please Note: Windows installed out of square or without sufficient shims will hinder the opening sashes from performing satisfactorily.

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