How To Install Aluminium Windows Guide

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EZ Windows Installation Guide

Lets Begin…

Aluminium windows are a simple and affordable solution. They are durable, low maintenance and can withstand the extreme Australian weather conditions for many years. Aluminium windows are also easy to install. In just a few steps, you will know how to measure up the window, safely position and level it the opening and fix it into place.

Tools and materials requirements


• Safety Glasses

• Hammer

• Gloves

• Earmuffs

• Drill

• Spirit level

• Tape measure

• Set square

• Timber or plastic packers Materials

• Aluminium Window

• Screws

1. Confirm Opening sizes…

How To Install Aluminium Windows Guide

Begin by confirming the daylight opening sizes in your wall. It’s recommended that you measure 3 points horizontally and 3 points vertically to make sure your measurements are accurate.

2. Confirm Window sizes…

How To Install Aluminium Windows Guide

Now you have your opening sizes you can calculate your window sizes to fit your opening. Depending on your opening allow 3mm – 10mm all round for packing and squaring and that will be the overall finished size of your window including reveal. When ordering online ensure you enter the aluminium window or door size only. To get the aluminium sizes simply subtract the reveal and/or closer trim (if ordered)

How To Install Aluminium Windows Guide

3.  Lift the aluminium window into place.

Depending on the size and weight of your aluminium window, you may need at least two people to help you lift it into the opening. One inside to help you lift the window and the other to make sure the window doesn’t fall through the opening on the outside. When you have the window in the opening make small adjustments to its position so it’s plumb & level to the inside wall as possible.

4. Check that the window is plumb & level.

How To Install Aluminium Windows Guide

Once your window is in position, make sure you have it plumb and level using a spirit Level. Place your spirit level on the window ledge to see if it’s flat. If it needs to be raised, rather than lifting the whole window frame, put a packer under your spirit level spirit level until it is level. Then insert the same packer under the bottom reveal so the whole window is level and snap it off.

5. Timber reveal should be flush with the internal wall.

How To Install Aluminium Windows Guide

Once you’ve got your window level, you need to make sure it’s also flush to the inside wall. To do this, line up your set square against the wall and either push the window in or out until the wall and window are level.

How To Install Aluminium Windows Guide

6. Attach the window frame to the wall.

How To Install Aluminium Windows Guide

Pre-drill and countersink three holes into each side of the reveal at the top, middle and bottom. Use your set square to make sure the frame stays flush with the wall. Then drill in three screws to attach one side of the reveal to the wall. Now you have one side of the window attached, you may not need help to hold the window in place.

7. Attach the second side of the window frame.

How To Install Aluminium Windows Guide

Before you attach the second side, check for any gaps between the wall and window frame. If there is a gap, you can put packers into the gap and then drill in the screws. The packers make sure the reveal won’t bow. Snap off the packers and carefully tap them into the gap with a hammer. Silicone seal externally and you are ready to add architraves to the inside and internal finishing’s.

Note: All information given is general guide, when in doubt seek the professional help of a builder, carpenter or tradie.