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Offering Enormous Flexibility

Through our innovative selection of cutting edge commercial systems, Elevate™ Aluminium Systems raise the bar for what’s possible in commercial and high-end residential window and door design.

Designed and manufactured in Australia, the Elevate™ range of windows and doors enable wide, bold panels with impressive panel heights that are customised to your unique requirements.

Tested to meet the demands of Australia’s harsh environment, commercial grade profiles and hardware ensure reliable, smooth operation for a variety of applications and combine with streamlined and efficient framing solutions to inspire great architectural outcomes.

Take your ideas to new heights with Elevate™ EZ Windows Aluminium Systems.

Why Choose EZ Windows Commercial Elevate?

Designed and manufactured in Australia, Elevate™ offers Architectural, Commercial and Thermally Broken Commercial framing systems tested to deliver the strength, versatility and aesthetic appeal required for extra large panel sizes and bold framing systems, often preferred in high-end residential and large format building applications.

Australian Made
Big Bold Panels

Designed, extruded and assembled locally, Elevate™ windows and doors are 100% Australian. Manufactured for you by local craftspeople from our nationwide network of

Elevate™ windows and doors can be made big! Taller and wider than many others on the market, perfect to frame a special view, let the outdoors in and maximise natural light.

Fully Concealed Framing
Strength & Versatility

The Elevate™ range’s European inspired designs deliver excellent energy performance, flush threshold transitions and uninterrupted, clear glass sightlines for the ultimate in aesthetic appeal and weather performance.

Elevate™ windows are designed and tested for strength and versatility for use in large format window and door applications to ensure confidence in the reliability of even our largest framing systems in any environment.


The right windows and doors make a huge difference to your building’s comfort and energy efficiency.

High-performing windows and doors can make heating or cooling your home simpler and more cost effective, saving money on expensive electricity and gas. Although they are much larger framing systems, Elevate™ window and door systems are WERS-rated and tested to make choosing the right product as simple as possible to deliver comfort and performance in any environment.

Energy Efficiency

Correct Installation & Placement

To get the highest energy efficiency from your windows and doors, it’s important that they are installed by a qualified professional, and located in the best position to take advantage of natural cross ventilation, light and solar heat gain in both summer and winter.

Window Energy Rating

WERS rated WERS is the Window Energy Rating Scheme for windows and doors in Australia. It uses a 10-star system to rate the annual energy impact on a home, based on its U-value and Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC). The more stars, the better. 


 U-values are the measure of how much heat is transferred through a window or door. The lower the U-value the more efficient it is at keeping the heat or cold out. 

Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC

SHGC measures how much solar radiation passes through a window or door. In a cool climate, a high SHCG will allow more solar heat to enter your home.

What Climate are You In
Mixed Climate & Cool Climate
Choose Your Style

Architectural Series

Strong, Bold stylish profiles for commercial architectural projects 

The Architectural Series of high-performance windows and doors is both modern and meticulous in design. Its shapes reflect the designer preference for clean, flush surfaces, continuous sightlines and square-edge ‘cubist’ forms. Designed for strength and versatility, the Architectural Series facilitates the large format windows and doors increasingly favoured by architects.

Commercial Series

Commercial Series

Dedicated, high-performance window and door systems.

These systems were developed for use in commercial, institutional and light industrial applications, and often find their place in high-end residential homes by offering economical, high performance glazing solutions that meet and exceed building standards for large openings. Commercial Series window and door systems can be used in conjunction with Commercial Framing and Architectural Series systems to achieve style and function for the perfect glazing solution.


Commercial Awning Window

Commercial awning window systems are a popular choice for large project applications due to their strength, versatility and ease of use. They also offer compatibility with the larger Commercial and Architectural framing suites where common frame edges and architectural detailing is paramount.

Elevate™ high-performance awning windows incorporate extra strong frames and sashes suitable for carrying large glass spans to maximise your view, while delivering outstanding strength and weather resistance, making them an ideal choice in high wind load areas and apartment applications.

You can even integrate fly screens, electric chain winders and, for extra large sashes, ask us about Truth™ hardware. This scissor winding mechanism provides excellent strength and secures the large sash tightly against the frame when closed.

Commercial Awning
Commercial Awning

Commercial Architectural Awning windows

Architectural, Bold & Smooth Operating...

Commercial Awning
Commercial Awning

Commercial Architectural Awning windows are made easy at EZ Windows!

Commercial Architectural Series  | Series 466 (click to download)

Commercial Awning Window

Superior elegance, performance and style are the hallmarks of the Elevate™ Architectural Awning windows.

  • Designed to carry large expanses of glass and 24mm thick double-glazing, these elegant, architectural awning windows can withstand the harshest of environments and keep you safe from the elements.
  • Awning sashes can be fitted with manual chain winders or concealed electric winders. (Price On Application)
  • Awning accept handy fly screens for year-round protection from creepy crawlies.
  • These frames are easily installed into brick veneer and cavity brick building designs. So convenient!
Maximum Panel Height*Various
Maximum Panel Width*Various
Maximum Glass Thickness≤ 24mm
SHGC Range0.14 – 0.57
Uw Range4.2 – 7

Befifits of Commercial Awning Windows...


Airtight to keep out the cold.

A great choice if you want to leave the windows open but stay protected from passing showers.

Bold frame that allows for extra wide sashes.

 A range of glass options, including double glazing.

Windows can be fixed if you prefer.

Select your configuration viewed from outside

Commercial Awning windows can be manufactured in many configurations.

Simply select weather you want your window to open on the left or right hand side viewed from outside.

Make your selection by clicking on your correct configuration 

(Click t enter configurations)

Commercial Awning Window Details

Commercial Awning Window Section

Commercial Series

Fill your home

with abundant fresh air and natural light with the extra large, highperformance window systems from Elevate™. Large glass spans, stronger frames and a variety of contemporary styles, deliver window solutions specifically designed for large residential and commercial projects. Choose from a range of Architectural and Commercial styles to achieve the unique look and functionality you desire. Designed to achieve exceptional weather performance, Commercial grade profiles and hardware ensure reliable, smooth operation for use across a wide range of applications for years to come. 

Commercial Sliding Window

Fall in love with the smooth lines and unobtrusive beauty of our stunning sliding windows. From basic residential sliding windows incorporated
into commercial framing, to dedicated high performance, heavy-duty commercial systems for the ultimate in performance and strength, Elevate™ has the right product to suit your project.

Choose from a grand range of single or double opening panels and double glazing to minimise noise and reduce heat and cold transfer. 

Elevate™ sliding windows are available in a variety of framing options to suit almost any application. Residential sliding sashes in dedicated CentreGLAZE™ commercial framing deliver a complementary finish, whereas Architectural Series sliding windows offer a bold, clean, square aesthetic suitable for high-end residential or commercial applications.

Extra large 225mm framing options are available and our Series 701 sliding windows are the ideal choice to complement the high performance Elevate™ SlideMASTER™ sliding doors. Elevate™ Sliding windows are compatible with exterior security screens for peace of mind, or fly screens to keep out the bugs.

Commercial Sliding

Commercial Architectural Sliding Windows are made easy at EZ Windows!

Commercial Sliding Window| Series 462 (Click to Download)

Commercial Sliding Window Brochure

Commercial-grade sliding windows boasting bold frames and thick, strong sashes designed to carry large spans of heavy duty glass, including double glazing for unobstructed views even in high wind areas.

  • Integrated PVC seals provide water resistance tested to 300Pa & 650Pa (configuration may determine rating) and are fully compliant with air conditioning energy requirements.
  • Flyscreens can be fitted for complete protection from the elements, plus the clever fixed and opening sashes can be installed, replaced or reglazed from the inside for easy maintenance.
  • Available in a wide variety of configurations with and without highlights and/or lowlights, these windows can be fitted easily into brick veneer and cavity brick buildings.
  • Surface or mortice deadlocks can also be fitted for a smooth, flush surface finish.
Maximum Panel Height*1600mm
Maximum Panel Width*1350mm
Maximum Glass Thickness≤ 20mm
SHGC Range0.18 – 0.66
Uw Range3.3 – 6

Benefits Of Commercial Architectural Sliding Windows...


Incredibly large sliding panels.

Elegant, architectural style.

Clean, bold frames.

Heavy-duty rollers for smooth operation.

Fly screens tuck neatly into the frame – no more ugly rivets.

2mm inner radius for a soft appearance.

A clean junction between the frame and mullion.

Stylish mitred main frame.

Double sash design.

Fixed and sliding panels for a uniform appearance.

A range of great glass options, including double glazing.

The perfect complement to the MAGNUM™ Or Slidemaster Commercial sliding door.

Select your configuration viewed from outside

Commercial sliding windows can be manufactured in many configurations.

Simply select weather you want your window to slide from left or right hand side viewed from outside.

Make your selection by clicking on your correct configuration 

(Click t enter configurations)

Commercial Sliding Window Details

Commercial Sliding Window section
Commercial Sliding

Commercial Fixed Window

Elevate™ offers the ultimate flexibility in design through our wide range of window framing systems. 

Now there is no need to compromise on your dream design. 

Whether you want curved, raked or any other unusually shaped window, we can make them to your specific requirements. 

No job is too big or too small for our Australia wide manufacturer network. 

Commercial Fixed Window
Commercial Fixed Window

Commercial Fixed windows

Architectural, Bold & Smooth Operating...

Commercial Fixed Window
Commercial Fixed Window

Commercial Architectural Fixed Windows windows are made easy at EZ Windows!

Designer Series  | Series 424 Frame without sash.(click to download)

Commercial Fixed Window Brochure

Double Glazed Centre Glazed 102mm Framing

Series 424 CentreGLAZE™ shopfront framing measures 102mm x 50mm and has been designed specifically to accept 24mm Insulating Glass Units (IGUs).

  • The 28mm deep glazing pocket is designed to accept thick heavy IGUs and allows glass to be installed easily with room to spare (catering for glass manufacturing tolerance).
  • This deep glazing pocket provides a 12mm bite as required by the IGU manufacturers and ensures compliance with glass warranties.
  • Reinforced tall glazing bead at sill tolerate high wind loads.
  • True captive glazing wedge allows reglazing from inside – ideal in elevated applications.
  • The captive wedge also offers increased security.
  • Glazing wedges are recessed into the framing for a clean aesthetic.
  • Wide range of sub-sills to cover most installations, including sub-sills with integrated nailing fin ideal for residential installations.
  • Sub-head and two piece sub-jambs.
  • Numerous door thresholds including weather resisting thresholds for external and internal swing doors.
  • Designed for use with Series 50, 51 and 52 commercial doors.
  • Compatible with Commercial and Architectural Series systems.
  • Accepts awning and Casement sashes.

Befifits of Commercial Fixed Windows...


Best choice for unobstructed viewing.

A great choice if you want maximum light and maximum seal from outside

Bold frame that allows for extra wide sashes.

 A range of glass options, including double glazing.

Windows can be made as large fixed panels.

Select your configuration viewed from outside

Commercial Fixed windows can be manufactured in many configurations.

Simply select your configuration viewed from outside.

Make your selection by clicking on your correct configuration 

(Click to enter configurations)

Commercial Fixed Window Details

Commercial Fixed Window Section
Commercial Doors

Commercial Sliding Doors

Elevate™ SlideMASTER™ doors are our largest format sliding door systems, delivering the ultimate in strength, performance and style for large, wide openings and unobstructed views. 

Strong frame and sash designs deliver an elegant finish in both residential and commercial applications. 

SlideMASTER™ sliding doors can be fully customised to suit your design aesthetic. 

Configure as multi-panel or cavity sliders; corner sliding, where doors meet at a 90° junction for an uninterrupted connection with the outdoors; top hung configurations for effortless operation of very large sliding door panels; or fully concealed framing options, where the frame is hidden creating a clear glass sightline for a truly stylish architectural finish. 

Elevate™ sliding doors are also available in the ThermalHEART™ range for maximum energy efficiency and can be screened using traditional or Centor® Retractable Screens.

Commercial Doors
Commercial Doors
Commercial Doors
a solution to every application

Commercial Sliding Doors

A solution for any application 

As demand for taller and wider glazing panels increases, so does the demand for high-performing, energy and accessibility compliant sliding doors to meet the design objectives. 

The SlideMASTER™ series from Elevate™ continues to evolve, offering a comprehensive range of commercial sliding doors to meet the compliance requirements of almost any application.


Commercial Sliding Doors

Architectural, Heavy Duty & Smooth Operating...

Aluminium Window Melbourne Prices
Magnum Sliding Doors

Commercial Sliding Doors are made easy at EZ Windows!

Commercial Series  | Series 704 (click to download)


High-performance sliding doors for a smooth, sleek visual finish and premium performance. 

They’re compliant with all Australian Standards, air conditioning requirements, and high wind standards.

They boast a very high water resistance of 600Pa, so they can withstand even the harshest Australian climate. You also get optimal weather protection from aluminium sub-sills.

Choose from a large variety of sliding door combinations. You might even like to incorporate a stylish 90-degree corner unit by removing the corner post of your room and achieving an unobstructed, 180-degree connection with the outdoors.

Doors can be also fitted with internal sliding or roller fly doors. Internal styling includes a surface mounted deadlock, mortice lock or multi-point mortice locks for a premium finish.

You can also keep out the creepy crawlies with the discreet, retractable Centor Screen.

We are available to assist you with your order

Weather your an expert, a novice renovator or somewhere in between we can confidently accommodate your needs.

We are accessible on the phone during normal business hours and we’ll be happy to assist you with your window purchase.

Ps. Remember you also have EZbot ready and happy to assist with any questions any time so ordering at any time has never been easie

Benefits Of Commercial Sliding Doors...


Get up to four panels in each direction, with the potential to span a massive 12-metres. Perfect for opening onto outdoor dining areas!

Frame a glorious view with panels up to three metres high.

A range of standard or high-performance sills.

Can be recessed into a slab for a beautiful, flush threshold.

Ideal for areas with high winds or heavy rain.

Can be configured as a 90o corner pull-away door, or with a cavity slide option so your doors disappear into your wall.

Accepts single or double glazing.

Heavy-duty rollers for smooth operation.

Select your configuration viewed from outside

Commercial sliding Doors can be manufactured in many configurations.

Simply select weather you want your window to slide from left or right hand side viewed from outside.

Make your selection by clicking on your correct configuration 

(Click to enter configurations)

Commercial Sliding Door Details

704 Commercial Door Sill Section
704 Commercial Door Sill Section
704 Commercial Door Jamb Section
Colour Advice

Commercial Sliding Doors

Innovative, high-performance framing solutions for commercial and residential applications.

The EZ Windows Commercial sliding doors & framing range includes systems are designed to meet the ever-growing needs of the commercial building sector and energy efficient design.

Available in 102mm  platforms and designed to accept double glazing, EZ Windows Commercial sliding doors & framing™ & Commercial Framing incorporates strong, bold profiles for glazing across large spans and high-performance applications.

Available with ThermalHEART™ technology, Elevate™ Commercial Framing can deliver
increased energy efficiency to even the largest commercial spaces.

Commercial Fixed Window

CentreGLAZE Framing

Elevate™ CentreGLAZE™ framing offers a balanced design aesthetic, with glass positioned in the centre of the frame. Designed for use in both residential and commercial applications, CentreGLAZE™ framing is compatible with a wide range of Elevate™ window and door systems. 

Available in 100mm and 150mm platforms, CentreGLAZE™ framing accommodates single and double glazing with ease. Choose from our range of 102mm and 150mm ThermalHEART™ CentreGLAZE™ framing for exceptional thermal performance for improved energy efficiency and comfort.

Centre Glazed Fixed
Colours & Finishes
Commercial Fixed Window


Powder Coating 

Powder coating is a tough, durable baked-on coating available in a huge array of colours. Talk to your local fabricator about our great standard range of colours and affordable colour-matched hardware. 

Warranty grade powder coat finishes are available for harsh environmental conditions. 

Colour Advice

• For a framing colour that complements the exterior cladding of the building, think about using a tone a few shades up or down.
• Choosing the same colour as the existing facade can give a very clean look, especially in white or cream tones.
• Contrasting joinery colours are popular. Many people love darker greens, blues, greys or black.
• Dark or black joinery against a light-coloured facade can look very sharp and attractive.
Matching the joinery colour to the roof or fascia for a unified look is also a great option.
• Selecting a neutral joinery colour, like white, cream, taupe or black gives you flexibility if you ever want to update your colour scheme.


Anodising is an electrochemical treatment available in a range of colours, including standard finishes of natural silver, bronze and black. 

Anodising is an excellent choice for harsh environmental applications and extended warranty grades up to 25 years are available.

Energy Efficiency
The Right Glass

Choosing the right glass for your windows and doors can pay big dividends in energy efficiency and comfort levels. 

Glass not only insulates you from temperature extremes, it also controls the passage of light and heat in and out of the home. 

There are three key considerations when thinking about glass for your project: Natural light, solar heat

gain and thermal conductivity. High-performance glass can be used to reduce noise, overcome site limitations and demanding window orientations, and control UV and glare without compromising your building’s energy efficiency. 

An understanding of your local climate is key to choosing the optimal high-performance glass.

AWS is committed to offering you solutions which not only provide light and ventilation, but help to maximise comfort in uniquely designed living spaces by protecting occupants from harsh environmental elements. All Elevate™ Commercial Framing systems are tested to comply with the National Construction Code (NCC) to ensure occupant health, wellbeing and safety.

Throughout this section, products which meet the specific requirements of the NCC for bushfire zones, extreme weather conditions, elevated openings and noise abatement are identified with the tags illustrated, to help you select the ideal framing system for your project.

When ordering Elevate™ commercial framing systems for bushfire applications, cyclone regions or applications where SAFE4KIDS™ features are required, please ensure you select the correct Safe4kids option when customising your product online as all products must be manufactured specifically to comply with requirements for these applications.

Solutions For Every Application