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Renovating or Building New? 


Modern Aluminium Windows

If you’re looking for the Best aluminium window manufacturer Melbourne has to offer, look no further

At EZ Windows we understand that shopping for aluminium windows for sale online can be a daunting task. That’s why we are dedicated to ensuring you have the best experience selecting, customizing and ordering. We have put all the hard work in so you can buy aluminium windows online with ease…

You can buy custom aluminium windows and doors easily and quickly with our aluminium windows online portal. Every purchase you make will also acuminate a cash bonus in points to redeem on your next purchase.

We have modern aluminium windows online to suit every need and can be easily customised to suit your specific requirements.

If timing is important we offer an express service of 6-8 days on all products and 12-15 days as the standard manufacturing time.

If you’re working to a budget you will save in both money and time by getting aluminium window prices online instantly and competitively.

On request we offer a delivery service to site. We also offer the services of measure, Installation and Disposal of the old windows.

Whether you are renovating or building new, we’re the one stop shop for you!

we have made it easy for you to buy aluminium windows online. To make it easy and convenient for you aluminium windows for sale are always available and accessible 24/7 so when you think aluminium windows Melbourne, think EZ Windows.


As we are on line you have access 24/7 and you also have EZbot for assistance buy direct from the manufacturer, save money and time, it's never been so easy!


We are an Australian owned company, all products are manufactured in our Braeside plant with locally sorced aluminium and Glass assuring the highest quality.


As members of the Australian Window Association you have the confidence of manufacture with a 7 year Guarantee. We pride ourselves on our customer service.

Express Service

If you need a window fast we can help just use our express service buy direct from the manufacturer, save money and time, it's never been so simple and easy!

Ez Windows Awning Window

Awning Windows

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EZ Windows Fixed window

Fixed Windows

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Ez windows Stacking door

Sliding & Stacking Doors

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Ez Windows sliding window

Sliding Windows

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Standard Awning Windows

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Standard Fixed Windows

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Standard Sliding Doors

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sliding window size chart

Standard Sliding Windows

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Here’s what the people have to say…

EZ Windows 5 star

Jo Silva


The whole process was quick and easy, we received our delivery as promised and saved a few bucks

EZ Windows 5 star

Angela Stubbs


Ordering windows online was so convenient especially with the helpful support there to answer any of my questions, we had an issue with a fly screen and the staff were out the next day to fix it.

EZ Windows 4 Star

Clive Pratt


Good quality good price will recommend this website

EZ Windows 5 star

Yulander Jojo


We are happy with the products, price and professionalism shown by EZ Windows. they communicated with us every step of the way. We need a few more windows to complete our project and will be ordering again soon

EZ Windows 5 star

Emile Nieuwouldt



EZ Windows 5 star

Stephen Kilroy


Too me a while to understand the website but with a little coaching from the helpful staff and some perseverance i saved $850 and got bonus $80 off my next order! Thanks EZ windows.

EZ Windows 4 Star

Gary Hudson


Happy with express service and cost

EZ Windows 4 Star

Corey Stones


needed to get a couple of windows installed in some openings. This service was quick and the quality was great value for the money

EZ Windows 5 star

Bill Laylor


Best domestic windows around and excellent support

EZ Windows 5 star

Andy Choi


They make quick. Good.

EZ Windows 5 star

Toby Chandler


The pricing is competitive and the quality is good but the real benefit is the fact that i can obtain prices accurately and easily anytime i need them.

EZ Windows 5 star

Paul Satler


Helpful support great products.

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